Are you ready to put this truth into action and bless those around you?

It's time to tap into the skills and strategies you need to live with personal confidence and holistic self-perception.

You sense there is more and know you have what it takes, but you feel stuck, tired, overwhelmed, and directionless.

Does this sound familiar?

It's time to STRETCH!


Who Are You?

  • What defines me
  • What are my values
  • Who do others say that I am
  • The truth about you
  • What factors influence who I am
  • How our identity lines up with our God-given purpose
  • Who God says we are 

You are not your flaws and failures

  • Moving past my circumstance
  • Learning to navigate through our imperfections
  • Tools to battle insecurity

Develop Your Superpowers

  • Define Superpowers
  • Identify Superpowers
  • Adjust your crown
  • Adjust mindset
  • Believe in Yourself

Can you imagine how it would feel to believe in yourself and behold the beauty of our own journey?

How different would
your life be?

- Dreams accomplished

- Goals realized

- Confidence reloaded

- Better relationships

Purpose reestablished

- Feeling of accomplishment

Our esteem is so important - it shapes every piece of our life. 
Sometimes, in this crazy world, we need to be reminded of who we are. 

This course will allow you to begin the journey of strengthening who you are and what you have to offer to those in your circle of influence.

If you need an opportunity to be intentional about growing and stretching out of your comfort zone, this is it.

If you’ve been feeling stuck and not quite yourself, Jessica's course will provide an avenue for you to step onto a new path as you invest in yourself.

When you do this, you are also making an investment in those around you and are better prepared to share your unique gifts and skills with a hurting world.  

As Jessica shares her own personal journey, your story will connect with hers and you will know you are not alone facing those inner battles of feeling less than enough. 

Examining what has held us back from being all we were created to be is essential for us to stretch and grow our inner selves. 

Path to Healing

You’ll know you’re on your way to healing when... stop questioning yourself stop questioning your value move forward boldly move forward assertively believe in what you have to offer to those around you

Make your investment TODAY

This was wonderful, Jess!

So glad I joined in for your first class! 


Thank You so much!

I feel empowered!


Are you ready to start your journey?

Jess says...

I understand the struggle you face! I had to learn to give myself permission to grow, to say no, to find my voice again. 

Through Heartwork, therapy, classes, tears, and prayers, I found myself on the other side. And so can you.

Through my course, you will experience a "jumpstart" as you begin your own awakening. 

Be prepared, dear one, because when we become free, it's our privilege to invest into others who need to hear our story!

My dear, it's time to adjust your crown!

- Jessica Toussaint


4 ways to know if STRETCH is perfect for you...

1) You have this nagging feeling that there is more to you than what meets the eye but you don't know how to unleash it.
2) You are not satisfied with where you are currently.
3) You have a desire to stretch and grow.
4) You are ready to bet on and invest in yourself.

Make this the year when you make yourself a priority.

You deserve an opportunity to STRETCH and grow.

This course is closed for enrollment.


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